Toby and Amos the Exploring Wonderdogs!

About Us


The Team

Toby and Amos the Wonderdogs Team is made up of: 

Toby & Amos the Wonderdogs 

Jess & Billy the humans! 

Potted History!

Toby is a Border Terrier, he was my 18th birthday present and was honestly the best present I‘ve ever gotten! He’s a complete star, loves learning, training and working. 

He‘s a Therapy Dog in his spare time and is a self appointed seeing eye dog for Amos! 

Amos was born at the Dogs Home where I work one day a week and came home with us when he was 4 months old, he was born blind and I wanted him to have a fun and adventure filled life and hoped that Toby, Billy and I could help him achieve it!